Why did my search engine ranking drop and what can I do about it?

            There are a few things that can cause a drop in SEO ranking. One possible reason is a significant website change. SEO is a process and it starts with search engines indexing, or finding, your site. Search engine bots are always crawling the web looking for new content but this takes time, sometimes a few days and sometimes months for them to index or re-index updates.

            There are a few things you can do to speed up the indexing process. First, make sure you link to your site on all your social media platforms. This helps because the more connections to your site that exist online, the more likely web crawlers are to notice you.

            Another tip is to create and share content. For example, updating your blog with keyword-rich posts creates content search engines care about. And when you share that content on social media, you create more links to your site. Tools like A.I. Editor, the Blog Platform, Social Publisher, and Social Wall help you easily add new, relevant content to your site.

            Google is constantly updating its algorithm, and a new algorithm can sometimes mean a loss in SEO. Other possible contributing factors could be a loss of backlinks or a change in your industry's competition. We're happy to look into this further for you.

            Updated: 7 days ago
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