Using the A. I. Text Editor

            What is the A.I. Editor text editor?
            The A.I. Editor text editor allows you to edit text within a block. Below is a diagram and list of functions that can be completed with this tool.

            Accessing the text editor

            1. Highlight the text you would like to format
            2. Click the A icon 
            3. Select the formatting function you would like to use. See below for more information of each option.

            Defining each option of the text editor
            Use the image above for reference.


            A.  Format text
            Selecting one of the three formatting options:

            • Bold
            • Italicize
            • Underline


            B.  Create lists
            There are two types available:

            • Numbered lists
            • Bulleted lists


            C.  Change text alignment

            • Right
            • Center
            • Left
            • Justify


            D.  Increase/decrease text size
            Clicking the arrows up and down to increase or decrease text size.


            E.  Increase/decrease line height
            This is the space between rows of text, by clicking the arrows to adjust size


            F.  Increase/decrease letter spacing.
            This is the space between each letter in a word, by clicking the arrows to adjust size

            G.  Change font colors by clicking the box
            You can do this in two way:

            • Using a color code
            • Using the color box provided to select a color


            H.  Adjust text case

            • Uppercase ? This will set your text to all caps (Example: OUR HISTORY) 
            • Lowercase ? This will make all your text lower cased (Example: our history)
            • Title Case ? This will capitalize the first letter of each word (Example: Our History)

            Updated: 05 Jun 2019 05:53 AM
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