Knowledge Base Mopro Competition Tracker Get Started

            Setting Up Competition Tracker

            Select the Competition Tracker tile.

            Select “Get Started”.

            Select business type.

            Select business sub-type and select “Done”.

            Select “Settings” to add your competitors.

            Complete the Business Information section.

            Complete the Contact Information section.

            Complete the Business Address section.

            Complete the Business Hours section.

            Select a time zone.

            Select “Save”.

            Select the Competition Tracker icon to navigate back to Competition Tracker.

            Use the search field to search for competitors by name.

            Use the Around field to search for your competitors by location.

            When you find a competitor you want to track, toggle the tracking button to On.

            Below you’ll see recommended competitors based on your location.

            Select “Save”.

            You will now be able to view posts about your competition.

            Updated: 08 May 2019 03:12 AM
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