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            Search an event

            To perform a search, type the keyword in the search field.

            Webmail offers a search feature that can be used for personal, shared or subscribed calendars. You can perform a basic search by entering the event title, location or note content.

            Event fields

            The event fields are as follows:

            • Event Title: Enter the full or partial title for the event you are searching.
            • Event Location: If you want to search events by location, enter the location and all events at this location are displayed.
            • Event Notes: Enter full or partial note content and any events containing this text will be displayed within the calendar. 

            To Search for an Event:

            • Enter the search criteria.
            • Click the Search drop-down.
            • Click Search.

            Events containing the specified keyword will be isolated and displayed in the calendar. 

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 03:40 AM
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