Page Blurbs

            1. Find the page blurb you would like to edit by selecting the page from the Pages: All dropdown menu at the top of the Page Blurbs tab. This will filter the page blurbs so that only the content you selected is visible.
            1. Edit a LIVE page blurb by clicking the pencil icon in the right hand corner. Make your changes, and press Save. Your change will be updated on your website.
            1. You can edit a page blurb that is NOT LIVE, but you will need to contact Live Support to make it live. This also applies to adding a new page blurb, which you can do by clicking the green Add Page Blurb button.
            1. You are able to upload images to your page blurbs. We recommend contacting Live Support to add your images to your site to ensure it is sized and cropped properly. If you are replacing an image that is currently in your page blurb, replace it with an image that is the same dimensions as the current one.



            Updated: 07 Jun 2019 07:23 AM
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