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            Store Overview

            The Store Overview page displays your recent orders, total orders, total sales, and bestsellers.  There are shortcut buttons at the top of this page to store options such as Add Products and Shipping Options. If you have not set up the store yet, you will see a general page displaying three ways to add products.  

            Adding Products

            You can add a new product to your store or menu by using the Quick Add tool, Add a Product button, or the Import feature.

            1. The Quick Add tool is at the top of the Products page. Enter your product name, SKU (this will auto populate if left blank), price, category, stock, and description. You can also upload product photos. Click Add Product, and the product will be added to your store. 
            2. The Add a Product button enables you to enter a single product or add a product that has variations. Select an option, and fill out the fields on the product editing page. Click Save Product, and it will be added to your store. 
            3. Import Products by downloading the Mopro .CSV template on the Import Multiple Products page. Enter your product information in each field, and save the CSV. Click Choose File, and upload your completed CSV. Follow the prompts to match up your spreadsheet categories to the store categories, and the products will be added to your store.

            Editing Products 

            1. Hover over the product on the Products or Inventory page and click Edit Details under the Options dropdown menu. Make your changes on the product editing page and click Save Products.

            2. Click the blue Arrange Products button at the top right corner of your inventory to rearrange the order of items within specific categories.

            3. To edit your category order, edit one product. Click the category dropdown menu and hover over the category you want to move. Hover your cursor over the icon between edit and delete. Click and drag the category to its new position.

            Deleting Products

            We recommend that you simply remove products from the front end of your site by toggling the green SHOW button to HIDE. This way, you do not have to re-add it in the future. If you want to delete a product for good, here?s how:

            1. From the Inventory page, check the boxes to the left of the product name for the items you want to delete. Click Delete from the Options dropdown menu.

            2. You can delete many products at once by clicking the checkbox at the top of the Inventory table, to the left of the word Image. Click the Edit Selected dropdown menu above the checkbox for the option to Delete Selected.

            Updated: 04 Jun 2019 04:49 AM
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