Knowledge Base Mopro Testimonial Collector Importing Customers

            Importing Customers

            If you have a list of customers, you can import your customer information in your “My Customers” section via the Overview tab.

            Click the link to download a .CSV template.

            Open the file and keep the column names the same.

            Add your customer info to the template.

            Note: Do not add any characters in the phone number field.

            Save the file as a .CSV.

            Return to the portal and upload your template.

            Once your columns are matched, select “Import Customers

            Confirm that your customers have been imported properly and select “Continue”.

            Your customers have now been added.

            You can take the following actions for each customer: send a survey, edit their information, or delete them from your customer list.

            Updated: 09 May 2019 09:29 AM
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