Select the Make Your Own Design Changes tile. 

            Select "Menu". 

            Select “Manage Blocks” to add and arrange the site’s sections.

            To configure a pop-up window, select “Pop-ups”.

            Note: Create the page you would like to display as the pop-up first, then you can configure the pop-up window

            Select the page you would like the pop-up to appear on.

            Select the page you would like to display as a pop-up from the drop-down menu. 

            Here is an example of how a pop-up will display:

            There are four pop-up settings:

            Load Pop-up After (seconds): Select how many seconds you’d like visitors to be on the site before the pop-up appears.

            Pop-up Size: Select your pop-up window size: small, medium, or large.

            Background Opacity: Set the background opacity of your pop-up.

            Display Pop-Up Only Once: Check the box to have the pop-up display once per user.

            Once the pop-up is configured, you can make changes to your settings by selecting the “Configured” icon.

            Updated: 30 May 2019 08:23 AM
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