Granting access to Google Tag Manager

            Navigate to If you don?t have a Google Tag Manager account, you will be prompted to create one.

            To set up an account, add your business name to the Account Name field, select the appropriate country, and then select Continue.

            Add your URL to the Container Name field. Under Where to Use Container select Web, Select Create.


            A window will appear. Select the checkbox at the bottom of the screen and then Yes to agree to the Google Tag Manager terms.


            A window will appear providing the Google Tag Manager ID. Copy the Google Tag Manager ID only and paste it in an email to Use the following email format and allow up to 24 hours for the ID to be applied to the account. Select OK.

            Subject: Add GTM to Business Name

            Body: Please add the below GTM ID to my account  GTM-NK5RQCW


            You'll see the Google Tag Manager dashboard view. Confirm you are on the correct account by verifying the domain name on the left and the Google Tag Manager ID on the right. 


            To provide Mopro access to the Google Tag Manager account, select the Admin tab.


            Select User Management from the menu to the right.

            Select New to add a user.

            Add to the Email field. Select Publish under container permissions, and select Add.


            Container Permissions

            Permissions are assigned on a per-container basis. For a given container, a user may have the following access levels: 

            No access: The user will not see the container listed in the account.

            Read: The user will see the container listed and may browse the tags, triggers, and variables in the container, but will not have the ability to make any changes.

            Edit: The user has rights to create workspaces and make edits but not create versions or publish.

            Approve: The user has rights to create versions, workspaces, and make edits but not publish.

            Publish: The user has full rights to create versions, workspaces, make edits, and publish.


            Confirm that the new user has been added by viewing the user management list. 


            Select the back button to return to the Admin setting view.


            Updated: 10 Jun 2019 09:43 AM
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