Creating a Zapier Account & Setting up a Zap

            Navigate to and select “Sign Up”.

            Enter your email address and password. Select “Sign Up”.

            Confirm your password and select “Sign Up”.

            Select your role.

            Select “Continue”.

            Select the app you use for your business. Example: Stripe for billing, HubSpot for customer management, etc. Select “Finish Setup”. Note: The app you select must have a phone number field. 

            Reviews360 is in Early Access and must be installed manually to your Zapier account.

            Select the Apps tab.

            In the Search bar, type “Reviews360”.

            Select the Reviews360 app icon.

            On the app details page, select “Start using Reviews360 now”.

            Confirm that you would like to integrate the Reviews360 app with your Zapier account. Select “Accept Invite & Build a Zap”.

            Select “Make a Zap”. 

            Choose the app you would like to connect. Note: You must have an existing account with the selected app before creating a zap.

            Select a trigger event.

            Select “Continue”.

            Sign in to the selected app.

            Select “Continue”.

            Select “Test & Continue”.

            The “When This Happens” section is now complete.

            The “Do This” section is where you will connect Reviews360. Search for Reviews360 and select the app icon. 

            Select “Continue”.

            Sign in to Reviews360.

            A pop up will request the API Key to your Reviews360.

            Log in to your dashboard and select the “Get 5 Star Reviews” tile. 

            Select the Integrations tab.

            Select “Copy to Clipboard”.

            Navigate back to Zapier and paste the API key. Select “Yes, Continue”.

            Select “Continue”.

            Select the settings for the Phone Number field.

            Select “Phone Number” from the drop-down menu.

            Select “Continue”.

            Select “Test & Continue”.

            The zap is now successfully set up. Select “Turn Zap On”. 

            Your zap is now on.

            Your My Zaps tab will display the Zap you created. 

            Updated: 06 Jan 2020 05:48 AM
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