Creating a Custom Font Package

            You can create your own custom font package and apply it to your site with a single click. Select the Make Your Own Design Changes tile to access your A.I. Editor. 

            Select the Menu button. 

            Select the Update Style section. 

            Select the Font section.

            Select the Custom Font Package tile. 

            Select fonts for each element of your site. Save them to create your custom package.

            Note: You can still make changes to fonts with the Text Editor even if you apply a custom font package.

            Below are your headings: H1, H3 and H5

            Select a specific font you would like to use for each heading.


            Customize your font with the Bold, Italic, or Underline options. 

            Adjust font size. 

            Adjust font weight (thickness of the font). 

            Adjust letter spacing (the space between letters). 

            Adjust the line height (the vertical distance between lines of text). 

            Adjust the text case (uppercase, lowercase, or capitalize).

            Each font element has the same customization options. 

            Below are your sub-headings: H2, H4, and H6

            Adjust your paragraph text and text for block quotes.

            Under the Buttons section, adjust how your font appears on both Default and Hover view. 

            Under the Navigation Links section, adjust how your font appears in your navigation links.

            Under the Forms section, adjust Labels and Input Fields.

            Select “Responsive Fonts” to adjust how your fonts appear on mobile devices.  

            You have three mobile font options: Small, Medium, and Large

            When you’re done creating your font package, select the Save & Apply button. 

            The font package will now be applied to your website.

            If you would like to adjust your font package, select the Edit Package link. 

            Updated: 27 Nov 2019 02:37 AM
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