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            Creating a Contact List as .CSV File

            To manually create a .CSV contact file for importing contacts, use the following steps: 

            Column A - Name of contact 
            Column B - Last name of contact 
            Column C - Email address 

            (Each row represents a different contact you are adding to the list)

            i.e. Column A row 1 - Candice (first name); Column B row 1 - Macdonald (last name); Column C row 1 (email) / Column A row 2 Michael (first name); Column B row 2, Anderson (last name); Column C row 2, (email) 

            This = 2 contacts Candice Macdonald, Michael Anderson

            Your Excel file should look like this.

            To save the file in Microsoft Excel: File > Save As > Save as File Type > .CSV (Comma Delimited) 

            The application may ask if you want to continue using the format, select Yes. Save the file somewhere you will remember for the next step. 

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            Updated: 24 Jun 2019 04:28 AM
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