Creating a Blog Post

            To create a new blog post, select “Write a Post”.

            When creating a new post, you have the following options:

            ·         Headline

            ·         Description (with rich text editing options)

            ·         Category

            ·         Post to Social Media

            ·         When to Post

            ·         Comments

            ·         Keywords

            Add the title of your blog post to the Your Headline field.

            Add your blog post’s content to the main Description field.

            To edit the text’s format, highlight it and select a format from the drop-down menu.

            From here you can select and create a heading structure.


            The following are your customization options:
            Align Left
            Align Center
            Align Right
            Bullet List
            Numbered List
            Decrease Indent
            Increase Indent

            Highlight the text you’d like to edit and use the editing options below to customize. 

            Right click the description field to view the following shortcut options:

            ·         Link

            ·         Images

            ·         Table




                  Delete Table

            You can add a new category to your blog or add your post to an existing category.


            Click to select a social media icon and enable posting on that platform.


            Select “Publish” to publish your post right away.


            Select the calendar icon to schedule your post to publish in the future.

             Select the drop-down menu under Comments to enable comments on the post.

            Add keywords to the blog post. Select “Add” after typing each keyword.


            You can confirm the keyword is added by checking the gray tag.

            Updated: 10 May 2019 08:00 AM
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