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            Adding/editing/deleting contacts

            To add a new contact: 

            1. Select the Add Contact  icon.

            2. The following screen will appear, fill in the amount of information you feel is needed. (You do not have to fill all fields to save the contact).

            3.  Select Save

            Once the contact is added, they will appear in the Preview Panel when the appropriate address book is selected. 

            Preview Panel

            The Preview Panel displays a list of contacts with the following details:

            • Name
            • Email Address


            Editing Panel

            The Editing Panel allows you to modify the details for a contact. You can edit their contact information, or you can modify their group or address book membership, including the remove option.

            1. Go to the Address Book or Search the contact name. 
            2. Select the contact name from the Preview Panel. This will open an "Edit Contact" screen to the right.

            3. Make the necessary changes to your contact's information and select Save.

            To delete a contact:

            1. In the Contacts View list, hover over the contact that you want to delete.
            2. Click the Trashcan trashcan_icon.png icon.
            3. In the confirmation dialog, click Delete.

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