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            Add contacts to groups

            To add a contact to a Group, follow the steps to  Add/Edit/Delete a contact page. 

            Once you have opened the Edit Contact page, click Add Group and select the Group from the list.

            Don't see a group? Maybe you haven't added one yet.

            To add a group:

            If you click on Groups (and you don't have any groups created yet), a pop-up will appear.

            Select Yes.

            Next, create a group. 

            Type in the title of the group 


            Under "Add Contact" type in the email addresses you want to add to the group (separated by comma) and select 

            Once you are finished adding contacts, select 

            To create a new group from the Groups section, select the 
            Add  icon and follow the same steps as above for creating a new group. 

            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 03:18 AM
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