The Accounts tab is where you can connect your Google Analytics account to your Digital Command Center.

            1. To sign up for a Google Analytics account, you will first need a general Google account. Sign up for a Google Account here:
            2. Once you have a Google Account, sign up for Google Analytics here:
            3. As you are adding your new account, the Account Name and Website Name should be the same as your Website URL. Select your Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone. Leave all Data Sharing Settings checked. Click Get Tracking ID.
            4. In your Digital Command Center, click Website & Mobile Site, and then CMS.
            5. Click Accounts.
            6. Click Configure next to Google Analytics Connect. You will be taken to your Google Analytics account to authorize Mopro?s access. Click Accept.
            7. You will be taken back to the Digital Command Center, and there will be a dropdown menu under Google Analytics Connect. Click the menu and select your website from the Select an Account dropdown.
            8. Click save. You?re all set! It will take about 24 hours for the data to display on the Analytics tab of your digital command center.

            Updated: 03 Jun 2019 05:01 AM
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