Setting up AdWords Express

Setting up AdWords Express


AdWords Express is Google’s easy advertising solution for small businesses that helps you get discovered on Google. AdWords Express brings you results based on your ad’s goal, whether that’s customer calls, visits to your store, or actions on your website. AdWords Express can be set up in just 15 minutes. It runs your ad based on your goal, measures its performance, and shows you clear results. 

You can use AdWords Express to advertise your website or Google+ page on Google or Google Maps. You'll write your own ad, and when someone searches for phrases related to your business, your ad can appear above or below search results.



  • Pay only when someone clicks your ad
  • Minimal ongoing management necessary
  • Advertise on Google, Google Maps, and partner sites
  • Reach customers in any geographic location that you choose


Setting up AdWords Express

Go to Add your Gmail address to the “What is your email address?” field. Add your full URL to the “What is your website?” field. Select “Continue.”



Pick a Goal

Pick a goal for the ad. Select the action you most want customers to take. The ad will be set up to help reach this goal.



For this example, we will select “Take an action on your website.” Select “Pick Goal.”



Where Are Your Customers

You have the option to select customers “Near my business” or “In specific cities, states, or countries.” For this example, we will select “In specific cities, states, or countries.” Click to add additional cities, states, or countries to the field. To the right you’ll see the potential audience size per month based on the cities, states, and countries selected. Select “Next.”



Define Your Product or Service

Select the language you want to advertise in. Choose a category that’s specific to the business so the ad will appear to the right searchers. For example, if you own a pizzeria, you could enter “Pizza Restaurant” instead of “Restaurant.” Select “Next.”



Enter the specific products or services you want to promote in the ad. Select “Add Another” to manually add a service. You can also select suggested services based on your business category.



Select the suggested services to add them to the list. When you’re done, select “Next.”



Create Your Ad

Add a headline and description. You’ll see an example of the ad to the right. Select the domain you want to place the add on. For this example, we’re using a test URL, so you’ll see Google shows the URL is not available. Select “Next.”



Add Images

You can add up to 3 images. You can also add up to 3 logos. See a preview of the ad to the right. Select “Next.”



Set Your Budget

You’ll see a dollar amount per day. You can adjust the amount by selecting the blue dot and moving it left to decrease or right to increase. To the right, you’ll see an estimated performance based on the dollar amount per day. Make sure you read the “How your budget works” section. Select “Next.”



Review Your Ad Settings

Select the pencil icon to edit the Ad Name. You’ll see a blue edit link on the bottom right of each section. Verify all information is correct and select “Next.”



Confirm Payment Info

Add payment information. Select the checkbox to agree to the terms and select “Next.”



Once payment is confirmed, select “Continue to Dashboard.”



A pop-up window will appear giving you an overview of your AdWords Express Dashboard. Select “Get Started.”



You have now set up Google’s AdWords Express Dashboard.


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