Using Testimonial Collector

Using Testimonial Collector

Launch Direct Connect and select “Collect Testimonials.”



A welcome message will be displayed. Select “Add Recipient” to get started.



Navigate to the Customize Survey section to customize your survey. You can customize three sections of the survey:

  1. Welcome message
  2. Auto reply
  3. Closing message




You can choose to auto publish responses on your website and social media.



You are unable to connect social media accounts from Direct Connect. You'll will be prompted to log into your DCC to connect accounts.



You can also test your survey by selecting the “Test Survey” button. You can then enter your phone number and preview the survey.



The Add Recipients screen is where you can add survey recipients. Add phone contacts by selecting “Add From Address Book” or enter phone numbers manually.



After sending a survey, you’ll be prompted to send another. Select “No” to be taken to the analytics page. Select “Yes” to send more surveys.



The analytics section is where you can view testimonials and data.




Select the filter icon to apply filters to the testimonials list.



Select “Share” to share the testimonial on your website or social media. The screen below will display. Here you can select the platforms where you'd like to share the testimonial.


Select “Send Survey” to send the survey right away. The screen below will display.



Select “Cancel” to cancel the survey. The screen below will display.



You can choose to receive progress reports or notifications when they get a new testimonial.



Navigate the tool by clicking the menu icon.


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