Adding Recipients

Adding Recipients

After you customize your survey, you'll be directed to the Add Recipients section. You can manually add phone numbers or add a customer group. You can also choose to send the survey now, schedule it later, or select a recommended time.



Phone numbers should not include dashes or periods.




To add a customer group, make sure customer information is up to date in the Customer section of the DCC.




If you do not have any customer information, you can import this or add it manually. Picture4.png



If you want to import customers, use Mopro’s CSV template. Select “Here” to download the template.




If you choose to add one customer at a time, you'll need to enter a valid cell phone number. The default group will be General.Picture6.png


Once customer information is added, this will display in the Customer Overview section.



Navigate back to the Testimonial Collector section by selecting the icon.


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