Customizing Your Survey

Customizing Your Survey

Navigate to Testimonial Collector. You’ll be taken to the welcome page. Select the Add Recipient button.



After selecting the Add Recipient button, you’ll be taken to the Customize Your Survey section.



You can customize three sections of the survey:

  1. Welcome Message
  2. Auto Reply
  3. Closing Message

To edit the welcome message, select “Click To Edit.” Your company name will be inserted in the welcome message by default. Picture3.png


Make the desired edits. Once all changes are made, click Save.



Survey recipients will be able to respond via text message with a rating of 1–5.




Once the customer responds, they’ll receive a customizable auto reply. Select “Click To Edit” to make changes. Picture6.png 


A window will pop up showing an auto response for each rating. Each rating’s reply can be customized. Click the text to make changes, and then select Save.  Picture7.png


Your customer will then be able to submit a written testimonial.



A customizable closing message will be sent automatically. Select “Click To Edit” to make changes.



Once customization is complete, select “Save.”



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