Navigating Request Mode

Navigating Request Mode

The navigation bar of Request Mode includes:

  1. Drop down arrow to select different pages for revision requests.
  2. Refresh button: The refresh button updates the selected page.
  3. My Requests: See a list of submitted requests and the status of all requests (In Progress/Need info/Completed).



Select a page from the drop-down menu.



Use the search field to find a page. An eye icon next to a page indicates that the page is hidden.



Select the Refresh icon to refresh your site. 



Select the checklist icon to see all requests in a single place. Select a page from the drop-down menu to filter requests by page. The possible statuses are:  

  1. Need Info: Requests need additional detail
  2. In Progress: Requests are currently being worked on
  3. Completed: Requests are completed


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