Adding a Text Block

Adding a Text Block


What is a Text Block?
A Text Block is a page section that enables you to include paragraphs of text to your page. A Text Block includes the following elements: 

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Paragraph text
  • CTA
  • Image

You can also add a background image or apply design elements to your block with your A.I. Designer button and Paint Brush icon.

What is the purpose of a Text Block?
Text Blocks allow you to include a substantial amount of text content within a single section, or block. Uploading an image and including a CTA (call-to-action) button to supplement text is recommended, however isn’t necessary. Common uses for Text Blocks include:

  • Adding text content in paragraph and/or list formation
  • Providing information on the homepage, which then directs users to a particular internal page via CTA buttons

Adding and editing a Text Block

  1. Hover over the area you would like to add a Text Block
  2. Click the blue plus sign
  3. Edit header/subheader/text/CTA text

Editing and formatting text within a Text Block

Refer to Text Update material

Designing a Text Block
Use the following capabilities to stylize your block:

  • Add a background image to the container
  • Use the A.I. Design Pro (robot) button to apply different background graphics to the block
  • Use the Paint brush icon to:
    • Manually select a background graphic
    • Adjust transparency, and/or gray scale the graphic
    • Select text alignments
    • Lock background and transparency of background graphic settings
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