How do I set up my store on my live site?

How do I set up my store on my live site?

Below are the steps you must complete to accept transactions online. If your Digital Command Center does not include the E-Commerce tab, contact our Digital Concierge team to get started. 

1. Add products

2. Set up your payment gateway

3. Set up shipping options.

4. Input Taxes and Refunds (Optional)

5. Set up your notifications (Optional but strongly suggested)

6. Launch your e-commerce store.


Payment gateway:

You must have a payment gateway to sell on your Mopro site. You may either sign up for one of the 10 payment gateways listed under Checkout, or use a Business PayPal account, which you’ll find under Express Checkout. Note: You must use one of the listed payment gateways.

What’s the difference between the two? The payment gateways under Checkout have a setup and monthly fee. The customer will stay on your website throughout the entire checkout process. The payment gateway under Express Checkout (Business PayPal Account) takes the customer away from your site to to enter their credit card information, then back to your site to complete their order.

After you have signed up with your selected payment gateway, click the payment gateway thumbnail and enter the information it requires. Check Pay at Store if you are offering carryout and/or in-store pickup. Click Save to complete the payment gateway setup.


Shipping settings:

1. Check Enable Shipping.

2. Enter the address from which your products are shipped.

3. Check the regions your products ship to.

4. Under Shipping Option, select your carrier or add your own shipping rates by selecting Other Carrier. If you are using UPS and/or FedEx, you will need to enter your account information, including your password and account number.

5. Complete the Shipping Option setup by selecting your Shipping Fee from the dropdown. If you select Varies by Weight, each of your products must have the weight entered in the e-commerce tab.

6. Charge a Handling Fee by selecting an option from the dropdown, or select None.

7. Click Save.


Pickup settings:

Activate Pickup by checking Enable Pickup. This means customers can check out online and pick up their orders in-store.



Add tax rates to your store by clicking the green Add Tax Rate button or the Import .CSV File button.



You can enable returns and cancellations in Return Order Settings and Cancellation Order Settings. Once you have entered your Return and/or Cancellation Instructions, contact your Digital Concierge Team to ensure completion.



Enter the email address and phone number you would like to send notifications/text messages to, and check the boxes to activate desired alerts. (Max. 1 email address and 1 phone number.) Click Save.


Launch your store:

Once you have completed the steps above, click Launch My Store on the Store Overview page. If at any time you wish to deactivate your store, navigate to Enable Store in the top right corner of the Store Overview page and toggle to OFF.


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