Services: Overview & Appointments

Services: Overview & Appointments

To enable online booking on your website, you will need a services page built on your site.  Contact Live Support if you currently do not have a services page. Once your services page is LIVE on the front end of your website, when you add, edit, or delete services, your changes will reflect on the front end of your site directly.

  1. Begin by clicking the Add Services Enter your service name, price, duration, and category into the toolbar at the top of the page. You can either assign the service to “any” staff member, or to specific staff members. Fill out your service description and add an optional image. Click Add Service, and it will be added to the front end of your site.



  1. You can add multiple services at once by clicking the Import button, and downloading the spreadsheet which you can fill out and import back into your Digital Command Center.



  1. To edit your services, hover over the service name and click Edit Details, under Options.



  1. If you ever want to remove the service from the front end of your site, just toggle the SHOW button to HIDE.



  1. Once someone makes an appointment on your site, their appointment time will be blocked out in your Calendar. No other appointments can be made during a booked time slot.



  1. Be sure to adjust your Appointment Settings and Notifications Settings to enable reschedules and determine how you are notified of new appointments.



  1. You can disable your online booking at anytime by toggling the Enable Booking button to OFF.



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