Will changing our website alter our search engine rankings?

Will changing our website alter our search engine rankings?

Search engine results rely on algorithms that are not public and the amount of competition in your market. No website provider can guarantee specific results, including us.

What we’re here to do is help you with best practices, like making your site mobile-friendly, incorporating your text content on the front end of your site, adding 301 redirects to ensure any existing links don’t break, populating your site with high-quality imagery, and adding keywords, phrases, and page descriptions to the back-end of your site. 

Tools like the Blogging Platform, Social Publisher and Social Wall, event modules, and your Content Management System (or CMS) also help you easily add new, relevant content to your site.

Permanent (301) redirects are essential for protecting your SEO. Mopro ensures all existing links on your site are redirected to the new links on your Mopro site. We also recommend reaching out to your top referral sources and asking them to update any links pointing to your site. 

Changing web hosts, especially with sites under 1,000 pages, should not have any drastic effect on your search engine ranking.


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