Business Information

Complete the fields on this page in order to use the features in Market Radar. Ensure that your time zone is correct.


Under Description, enter one to two sentences that detail service or product offering, mission, and/or location of your business. You can also enter up to 40 Keywords, which should be words that people use to find you and the service or products you offer.  If you are a local business, make sure to include the names of surrounding areas. Robot Exceptions apply to any pages on your site that you do not want search engines to crawl and display in search results. Contact us if you need Robot Exceptions entered for specific pages of your site.


Enter your site’s specific policies into the various fields. To add a new policy, click the green Add Policy button in the top right corner. Once you have added your policies, contact Live Support or your Pro to get the policies added to your site.


Enter your website’s Terms and Conditions into this field. Contact Live Support or your Pro to add your terms to your site.


Choose the languages you’d like your site to be translatable into. Click Save, and a language toolbar will be added to the top of your site so that customers can quickly translate it. The translation is made via Google Translate.

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