The calendar in your Digital Command Center displays your social posts made via the Social Publisher, events, and appointments. It is internal only, unless you are displaying it on your website on an Events page. Let us know if you’d like to add an Events page to your site. Once displayed on your site, the calendar will only publicly display events.


  1. To add an event, click the blue Add button in the right hand corner, and then select Event.

  2. Enter your event details under What & Where. An address is required. Add an image to your event post by dragging it into the image field or selecting Choose Files. Click Next.

  3. Set the date and time of your event under When. Note the options for setting the event as the Full Day, Recurring, and choosing its Importance. Click Done.

  4. To Edit or Cancel an event, find it on your calendar and click on it.

  5. Manually add in appointments by clicking the blue Add button in the right hand corner, and then selecting Appointment.

  6. Complete the fields, and click Done. That time on your calendar will now be blocked out so that others cannot book appointments during that time

  7. Click on a scheduled social post to Edit or Delete it. You can Repost past posts. You cannot edit or delete them.


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