Blog Platform

Blog Platform

The blog platform is the hub for posting to the blog on your Mopro website. Blogging is your opportunity to share your expertise with your customers and site visitors: post tips and how-to’s, spotlight new products or events, and more. Companies that blog even once or twice a month generate 70% more leads than companies that don’t. Blogging is also an easy way to benefit your SEO, as search engines are on the prowl for sites with new and relevant content.

    1. To start a post, click Write a Post in the top right corner. Write your headline and post, and add in media via the Image, Video, and Audio buttons.

    2. Categorize your post by click the dropdown under Choose Category. Add keywords to tag your blog by entering specific words that identify your post (such as the topic, category name, etc.), into the field under Keywords. Simply type in the word or phrase and hit Enter on your keyboard to save it.

    3. Publish your post to your other social accounts via the Choose Social dropdown under Publish To.

    4. Click Publish to post your blog entry now. You can also schedule your post for the future or backdate it by clicking the dropdown under Publish Date. Click Save Draft to revisit the post later.

    5. Blog posts are editable under the Published, Drafts, and Scheduled categories on the My Posts page. Hover over the View button, and click Edit Post or Delete Post.
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