Social Publisher

Social Publisher

The Social Publisher is your tool to post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and blog, scheduling your posts to roll out whenever you want. To use Social Publisher, make sure your accounts are connected under Social Accounts in Settings.


  1. Type your post where it says Send a message to your customers. You can add in a photo by simply dragging it into the photo area or clicking Choose File.


  1. The colored social icons next to Post To are activated, and your post will publish to all activated accounts. If the social icon is grayed out, it is not activated. You have the option of posting to all five places, or selecting the ones you want to post to.


  1. To publish your post instantly, click Send.


  1. To schedule your post, click the dropdown menu next to When and choose your future publish date and time.Click Send, and your post will be scheduled.


  1. You can view your published and scheduled Social Publisher posts on the Calendar of your Digital Command Center. On the calendar, click a scheduled post to Edit or Delete it.


  1. The light bulb on the Social Publisher has different posting ideas. We recommend posting general, engaging content in addition to information that’s exclusive to your business. That way, you attract new eyes to your posts and eventually your business.


Did we mention? There’s an app for that: My Mopro App

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