Managing Page Settings

Managing Page Settings

  1. Select Manage Pages from the A.I. Editor main menu


  1. Move your cursor over the page you would like to edit and click the gear icon to edit the page’s settings


  1. Fill in the appropriate fields and click Save (see below for an explanation of each field)


Page Name: This is the name of the page that appears on the navigation bar.

Link Type: This is how the page links out. The four options include:

Internal link: Links to a page within your site

External link (New Tab): Links to a page outside of your website that opens in a new tab         (recommended external link)

External link (Same tab): Links to a page outside of your website, directing people away from your page

Dead link: Page does not link anywhere

SEO: SEO title tag – This should be the same as the Page Name. It helps search engines crawl and identify your pages.

Page Description: This is where you can add a short description about the page that appears in search engine results. This should explain what the content of the page is about.

Meta Keywords: This is where you can input specific keywords people might use to search for this page. This will help search engines direct viewers to your site.

Set as Home Page: This sets the page as the home page to your site. This is defaulted to No and should only be toggled to Yes if it is the home page.

Hide From Search Engines: This hides the page from search engines. This is defaulted to No so that search engines can crawl your site and help strengthen SEO.


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