Editing Posts

Editing Posts

  1. To edit an individual post, move your cursor over the post you would like to edit and click Edit


  1. From the Edit Post window you can: shuffle the post, delete the post, edit the post’s caption, change/delete the post’s photo, select the platforms you want to post to, and choose your posting time


  1. To delete the post’s photo, click the trash icon


  1. To upload a new post photo, drag and drop a new image to the window or click to choose a file from your computer


  1. Click the camera icon to drag and drop a new image from the Image Library, click to choose a file from your computer, and search images from the Digital Command Center, the Mopro Media Repository, and Google


  1. Click the box under Schedule Post to select/change scheduling details


  1. Click the day and select a specific time, select a suggested time, or click post now, and then click Schedule


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