Editing Text

Editing Text

  1. Highlight the text you would like to edit


  1. Edit your text using the pop-up: select a new font style, format your text, change text size and color, adjust letter spacing and line height, and change case (see below for an explanation of each field). Click outside the pop-up to return to your site or click Clear Format to return the text to its original format.


What are the different text editor fields?


Select Font Style: Filter fonts by category and then select your exact font.

Format: Bold text, italicize it, underline it, create a numbered/bulleted list, or change the text’s alignment (left, center, right, or justified).

Font Size: Adjust the text’s size.

Color: Select a new font color by either entering a color code or selecting one from the swatch.

Letter Space: Adjust the spacing between letters.

Line Height: Adjust the spacing between lines of text.

Text Case: Change text case to either lowercase, uppercase, or title case.



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